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From Tupperware to Harry Potter — successful marketing is made or broken by favourable word of mouth. Steven van Belleghem, author of ‘The Conversation Manager’ and ‘The Conversation Company’, explaines how publishers may control word of mouth.
Steven van Belleghem

Van Belleghem is telling about a tupperware party held at his home. “My wife and her friends talked about plastic jars for three quarters of an hour. Suddenly, the volume went up: they were ordering. The social pressure was such that everybody bought something. Everything I wrote in my book proved to be true, and it was happening right there in my living room! Six months later, two of the ladies present were organising their own tupperware party. And who do you think went there? My wife did. This is the best business model in the world: every customer is an ambassador and a sales person, and so is every employee.”

Massive attention is no guarantee for success, although that is what we would like it to be. Van Belleghem argues that you have to manage word of mouth; something that is not done nearly enough. “We have to focus on what others may be saying about us, because that’s where we have a lot to gain.” Now, before you get paranoid — according to van Belleghem what others are saying about you can be managed rather well. However, making something that is attractive is not enough.
Where word of mouth management is concerned, van Belleghem makes use of the following tools:

  • Who should talk about us?
  • How do we become influential?
  • Via which persons should this be done?
  • Preferably people who are positive about my brand.
  • Why should they talk about me?
  • Because I am funny or because they think I am a wonderful brand?
  • What should they talk about?
  • A stunt, or our products or services?

Take a look below and view a summary of the presentation by Steven van Belleghem during the Senefelder Misset Seminar 2013.