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Jim Stolze, founder of TedX Amsterdam, explained during the Senefelder Misset seminar how publishers may handle the rapid rise of new technologies.
Jim Stolze

Stolze is comparing it to surfing: as a publisher, you have to know which waves are coming and decide which one to ride. It does not matter if you choose a certain wave and then fall off. At least you tried. Up till now, publishers don’t go with the waves enough. They must learn to spot the right ones.

Hype cycle
Jim Stolze is underpinning his story with the Gartner Hype Cycle, a convenient tool to find out the stage innovations are in. All innovations go through this hype cycle.

It starts with a technology trigger: the new technology is working or it seems to be working. People are increasingly interested. After a while, the first users are saying: ‘Is this it?’. Interest wanes. Some technologies will die and end up in the innovation cemetery. Users think it is too expensive, the timing is not right, or the product or service is not relevant. Some technologies we don’t see again; others are introduced in a 2.0 version. Interest is on the increase once again.

As a publisher, it is important to ask yourself: where are our users in the hype cycle? Should we get on now or wait until our users embrace it? Have a look and find out which phase your audience, readers or communication are in. How can you remain one step ahead? Which wave will you ride?

Owners of brands
Stolze: “Publishers are owners of brands. A publisher is a ‘house of brands enabled by technology to connect communities and content’. Publishers are brands that make sure that the correct information reaches certain target groups. Make use of the technologies to make your brand relevant for your target group”.

View Jim Stolze’s presentation during the Senefelder Misset Seminar 2013 below.

Senefelder Misset, X-Media Solutions, tijdschriften, drukkerij, vellen offset, rotatie offset