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The Dutch dental magazine Nt recently launched a new crossmedial approach. More information will now become available promptly. This way, the target group will be served at its beck and call!

For nearly 100 years, the professional association for dentists and dental specialists in the Netherlands, Nederlandse Maatschappij tot bevordering der Tandheelkunde (NMT), has been supporting dentists in the practice of their profession and promoting the interests of dentists in the Netherlands. One of the tools used by NMT to achieve this is Nt, which is currently enjoying its 68th Volume.

In September, Nt went live with a new design of the magazine, a new website, and a tablet app. Reinier van de Vrie, editor-in-chief of the magazine, explained: “Our editorial staff and editorial board wanted to innovate the formula to improve the speed and intensity of our communication with our target group. We thereby had the following wishlist: to do more with images, to make use of social media, to operate an information platform via the website, and to make sure the different media complement each other."

Crossmedial with magazine being the most important medium
”To concretise these wishes we have chosen for a crossmedial approach. The magazine will continue to be the most important medium. In addition, it will increasingly be used for background information, news provision and human-interest stories. On the website, we will particularly present news and dossiers. Furthermore, it will provide opportunities to discuss with others via platforms. By means of tweets, we continually draw attention to important news items on the site. Clicking on it will take you directly to the news item on the site.”

Tablet version
”The magazine, which is published on a fortnightly basis, is now also available as a digital version on iPad and Android tablets. Free of charge the first time; after that only for members and subscribers. We increasingly received the question whether the Nt could also be published for tablets. We are expecting this demand to only increase. We regard the magazine on tablets as an extra service for our members.

In addition, the most recent news is run into the app as a so-called ‘feeder’. Clicking on it will provide a direct link to the news item on our site. Furthermore, we will be showing videos within the app - and also on our site - showing new dental practices or new products. Our advertisers will benefit from this by integrating their advertisement in a video or by placing their own promotional video.”

Fresh new look
”The magazine and the website have been given a fresh new look. Clever use of white space, varying images, and a more flexible page layout provides a consistent, fresh look and feel. The innovation should appeal to both men and women, young and old. With this crossmedial approach, we believe to be able to serve our target group better and in a more varied way. And it is working. For example, within a few days after the launch, we had dozens of followers on Twitter. The new crossmedial working method marks a new start for us to become even more closely involved in the lives of our target group!"