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He has only been editor-in-chief of Playboy for a year now, yet former commercial manager Patrick Goldsteen has already left his mark on the men’s magazine. And, at the same time, on the job of editor-in-chief. Goldsteen embodies the modern editor-in-chief: no journalistic background, but one in marketing and sales, and with a completed IT study to boot. “I am absolutely not a traditional editor-in-chief. One moment I am business developer; the next I am a marketeer.”
Patrick Goldsteen

The starting point of successful marketing is already there. According to Goldsteen, Playboy has a passive brand awareness of 97 percent. “No matter which generation I approach about their perception of the brand, there’s always something magical about the Playboy brand.” Of course, this magical aspect does not just concern Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, but also — and more particularly — New York, where the editorial staff of the American Playboy is located. “I can use everything they use in the US. All content, all parties, the mansion, the Playmates, the bunnies, one of the largest social media channels of any magazine in the world. Everything is at our disposal. In the past, we have not made use of this much, but we do now. It provides my small team with a lot of power and content.”

Lean & mean
And Goldsteen’s team is really small at that: himself, a manager, an assistant, and an art director form the permanent editorial staff, which is complemented with ‘a bunch of freelancers’. “We need no more than that, since we make everything ourselves.” Sounds a little like makeshift magazine making, but it is not. Immediately after his appointment as editor-in-chief, Goldsteen implements a restyling. “Everything went overboard. New features, each interview its own photography. The reader must be given the impression that he is presented with something that was especially created for him, rather than something that was flung together by the editors.” Here, also, the collaboration with the American Playboy provides a great opportunity: “A single telephone call or e-mail and we can dispose of top content.”

Goldsteen considers his IT background as a great advantage: “I don’t need anyone to explain to me how it works; rather, as a leader, I am able to explain how it should work. And that’s what we need in these times: quick ideas, fast thinking, prompt decision-making. Each team should comprise at least one nerd.”

View Patrick Goldsteen’s presentation during the Senefelder Misset Seminar 2013.