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Consumers buying a magazine expect value for their money. Certainly in these days, the old motto applies: give consumers thick magazines. A bulky magazine, for around 5 Euros — it just feels good.
Robert Busch

Take, for instance, a bulky paper type. Normally a standard woody paper has a bulk of around 1.0. However, there are paper types with a bulk of between 1.2 and 1.55. In practice, this means that a magazine of 96 pages, with a bulk factor of 1.55, will feel more than fifty percent thicker.

Examples are the ELLE Style Bible and Happi-food, a special by Happinez. Both are printed on 70 gramme Solaris 1.55, a half-mat, coated paper type. The Solaris range varies from 48 to 70 grammes with three bulk values: 1.2, 1.35 and 1.55. The lower grammages of this paper are often used to save on postage costs.

The thickness of the magazine is nearly equal and the savings on postage are obvious. However, Solaris does not have a satin version and is only available in the rotation offset. 

<span style=" line-height:=" "="" 1.538em;="" “="">'Bulky' versions are also available in the higher grammages (> 90 gramme) as well as the wood-free types. Your contact with Senefelder Misset will be happy to tell you more about these possibilities.