In balance with corporate social responsibility (CSR)
When it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Senefelder Misset works in accordance with the customary Triple P approach which focuses on the principles People, Planet and Profit.

We strive to coordinate the three Ps carefully with one another, which is why our company concentrates on operating as optimally as possible. This means that we work ceaselessly on improving processes and shortening lead times, as well as innovation and chain integration. We always base our efforts on Senefelder Misset’s three core values or promises: sustainability, customer orientation and innovation. Only in this way can we continue to serve our clients as well as possible, enable our employees to enjoy their activities, work together with our suppliers and minimise our impact on the environment. Our approach is based on cooperation, openness, respect, ‘sticking to our word’, dialogue, pro-activeness, taking a constructive approach to problems and partnership.

Because one can always improve on ‘good’, we continually keep a close eye on our performance, business operations and contacts with clients and suppliers. This enable us to better advise and assist our clients. We strive to make ‘content’ accessible in accordance with the newest knowledge and insights and in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible. And we go for continuity. The ultimate form of CSR. That is what we, and all the other parties involved, will most benefit from in the medium and long term.

Own environmental management system
For years we have had a very active environmental policy. Senefelder Misset has its own environmental management system which is ISO 14001 certified. Among other things, this system lays down procedures for environmentally aware purchasing, working with minimum stocks and the correct use of materials. It also gives substance to matters such as environmental courses for our employees and the way in which we communicate internally and externally about the environment.

Senefelder Misset continues to strive to improve its environmental performance. Good entrepreneurship requires openness which is why we draw up an annual environmental report with an overview of our environmental performance. And, because one can always improve on ‘good’, we continually keep a close eye on our environmental performance.
Click here for the most recent environmental report.

Certified paper
Our production chain is also checked and certified for the use of paper which is certified in accordance with the guidelines of Forest Stewardship Council A.C.® under certificate number SCS-COC-000970. The wood used comes from forests which meet strict environmental, social and economic standards.

The appendix below (PDFs for downloading) contains all the important documents and/or reports regarding certification and environment. 
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