Senefelder Misset facilitates the total publishing chain (B-to-C, B-to-B and Membership Communications) by carrying out cross-media services. Our company is a platform provider in the communications industry. We make content accessible via different media channels (print and digital) and deploy our broad know-how and expertise to realise this objective. This means that our clients can publish their content more efficiently and effectively and, thus, achieve their objectives.

Senefelder Misset will continue to function as all-round platform provider in the future by providing print solutions, logistics services and innovative digital solutions in the field of online, mobile and tablet publishing.

Senefelder Misset will also continue to play a clear role in terms of advice and assistance for the entire publishing chain. Our target is to provide efficient and competitive services. We recognise the impact our company has on employees, suppliers, the environment and society at large, and it is for this reason that we want to cooperate with our stakeholders on the basis of partnerships.

Our employees are enthusiastic, motivated and committed. They enjoy their work and they show it; their focus on the client is simply part of this work. We are dedicated to the continual innovation of our services, which is why we are constantly innovating in product and process, in earning and business models for our clients and in co-creation in all forms of these services. This strength will enable us to remain successful in the future, both with regard to existing and new clients.