platform provider for the communications industry

Roto Smeets is THE specialist in printing and cross-media publication for the whole chain of different organizations, both for magazine publishers and other profit and non-profit organizations to activitésd'édition.

As a platform provider, we not only offer printing solutions but also logistics services and innovative digital solutions in the field of online publishing, mobile and tablets. We also provide you advice and support you throughout the publishing chain, with emphasis on a cross-media approach.

We can fulfill our role as we have allround platform provider of all graphic skills needed internally. We thus present a number of unique features: dynamic professionals, a single point of contact throughout the technical and graphical process, highly reliable delivery, short deadlines and small service in addition, as the Board at quotation requests and assistance (free).

Our specific services

We also offer various editing services under the X-Media Solutions labels, PSH Publishing Support, PSH Media Sales and Hoogte 80 Strategische Media. Not only for the creation of content (digital), but also for the efficient use of magazines and different brands médiatiques.Ces accompanying channels are commercial units operating in the Roto Smeets Group.

X-Media Solutions helps content publishers in the layout and distribution of periodical content. HSP Media Sales is a leading office in the sale of commercial space in the media from external clients. PSH Publishing Support provides all kinds of publishing services, such as managing leaves and survey readers, while Hoogte 80 Strategische Media is a communication agency for advertising magazines.

Roto Smeets Group subsidiary

Roto Smeets belongs to Roto Smeets Group, a European provider of graphic services leading. The Roto Smeets Group consists of Roto Smeets Roto Smeets GrafiServices, Senefelder Misset and Mediapartners.